This one’s important to me, and I think you need to try it as well. Volunteer and make a real difference. 


Work with youth

My volunteering is with the Boy Scouts of America. My son and daughter are both in the Scouts BSA program, and my son is also a Venture scout. I’ve attended the World Scout Jamboree. I serve on the board for the National Capital Area Council, and I volunteer approximately five to 10 hours a week. Now that may seem not very easy with everything we have going on, but I wouldn’t trade it. This volunteering goes so far. It inspires me or recharges me, and it lets me give back. I don’t care where you volunteer, volunteer for what matters to you. But remember volunteering matters. We have so many problems around the world, and a lot of them come down to people being selfish.

Mentor the next generation

People don’t take the time to think of others, whether it’s through your church or through a nonprofit, a health cause or a volunteer arts program. Volunteer, work with youth wherever possible. Find the time to invest in the future generations by mentoring them, you will pass on skills. 

I’m amazed at the capabilities of younger generations. I thought I had it all. I was able to start on computer-based editing when it first came out. I was there for the invention of the digital camera. Yet my kids can do so much, and other kids that I work with have such a high capacity. They’re using tools and processing power that I didn’t have access to until I was 25, and when it comes down to is this, there are so many things that you can do by helping others, and it really pays back.

Pick a cause & stay involved

Pick a cause. Pick something that matters to you, and volunteer karma is real and stay involved. Make this something you do every week, not just once a year. During a holiday, get out there and volunteer. You can do one thing the whole time or move around, but you’ll also get great professional connections this way. There have been so many business opportunities that have come from the people that I know, referrals, recommendations and even direct business. It’s not why I do it, but it certainly is a benefit. Good people are around other good people, and good people volunteer because it matters.

Karma happens

Karma is a reality, and you need to be putting something back before you can get something. I really liked this quote, and it comes from Indira Gandhi, and she said there are two kinds of people. Those that do the work and those who take the credit try to be in the first group. There’s less competition there. Volunteering, putting in the effort makes a difference. If you do one thing this year, volunteer, it will mean the world to others, and you’ll get so much out of it. Do something great. You really can change the world if you try. 

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