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In this renewed, reinvigorated episode of The Mind Your Own Business Podcast, Scott Bourne and guest host Chamira Young discuss actionable ways to improve your photography business.

Specific topics of discussion include the following:

  • Don’t base your pricing solely on what other photographers are charging. Be confident in your price and say it with authority.
  • We need to be confident in ourselves as photographers. Even if your skill set is adequate with your camera, you still have to believe in yourself.
  • Be sure of your craft and your position in the market through study.
  • If someone says no to your pricing, that usually means you’re talking to the wrong person.
  • Your ideal client is NOT everybody. You need to target on your ideal client. If you’re talking to someone who has the authority, the money, and the need for your services, then you’re most likely talking to the right person.
  • You have to make a connection with your clients. We’re in the business of relationships.
  • Analyze yourself honestly.
  • “Hope” is not a business strategy.
  • Up your personal game. Try to be the best you absolutely can. This will help the photography market overall.


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