With LuminarAI officially announced for release this holiday season, we’re starting to get a first look at some of the features in the new program.


IrisAI helps photographers enhance and adjust their subject’s eyes, adding drama, changing color or even adding a catchlight.

If this sounds familiar, Luminar 4 has Eye Enhancer as a part of its AI Portrait Enhancer toolset. This lets you remove things like red eye and dark circles, as well as take care of some overall eye enhancement.

But with LuminarAI, adjusting the eyes goes to the next level. It takes the manual process of dodging, burning and painting in new colors and automates it completely. LuminarAI recognizes your subject’s eyes automatically, letting you make adjustments without masking or any manual work.

Where IrisAI is useful

This is particularly useful if you’re working with a subject with darker eyes. I personally have brown eyes, so they often don’t pop like blue or other colored eyes would. They’re just darker. Your subjects might have a similar problem, making for lots of work in terms of post-processing using traditional photo editing methods.

Using IrisAI, I can enhance my subject’s eyes and make the brown color brighter and more visible with a simple slider. This can help bring out the depth in my eyes. Or if I really want to go to the next level, I can change the eye color to blue, green or any number of different colors.

I can also add a catchlight for a realistic studio effect.

If you’re a portrait photographer, IrisAI will really help speed up your process and deliver amazing results. Sometimes just the simple pop of an eye is all your subject needs for that finishing look!

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