Skylum has given another preview of its upcoming LuminarAI software, set to be released later this year. After initially introducing AI Sky Replacement last year in Luminar 4, Skylum is set to bring the next generation of sky replacement to the market, with SkyAI.

SkyAI will continue to let you easily replace skies. And with an update to the tool coming in 2021, the experience will be made even better.

When it’s released, SkyAI 2.0 will allow for water reflections to occur. Meaning that, instead of having to flip and manually mask, blur and make a sky reflect in the water in your scene, it will automatically do so.

Just like your main sky, the reflected sky will adapt to the relight settings and be blurred into the scene without any manual work. You’re even able to bring in things like water ripples and show some motion in your scene.

Details are kept intact, meaning the ducks in your water aren’t going anywhere, either.

In addition to water reflections, SkyAI 2.0 will bring a revamped browser, allowing you to browse your skies with a thumbnail preview. Currently, Luminar’s skies are in a list format without a preview, so this should make it significantly easier to find the right sky from the get-go.

Take a look at this quick preview video to get a closer look.

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