We all go through a creative slump. Some bounce back quickly while others struggle and live in this prolonged agony wondering when it will end. They need a slight glimpse of inspiration to get them on track. Textures can be that spark to ignite creativity and give you the inspiration you need.

Choose a program that will allow you to stack or layer textures on top of an image. I’m using LuminarAI Update 2. You could use Photoshop, Luminar 4 or any software that can stack effects on top of each other with blend modes.

Before, Lightroom Classic users might have felt left out. But with the LuminarAI plugin, you can get the power of layer-like effects you see in Photoshop — without years of learning. Just right-click on an image and select Edit in and choose LuminarAI.

Applying a texture overlay

Open your base image and enhance it. I like using LuminarAI Templates to help me select a starting point. Select the Local Masking tool, click the Add button and choose Texture.

A simple Google search will list plenty of royalty free textures floating around the internet. Skylum Marketplace has a set of free textures, and you can even get a set from Photofocus by visiting our Guide to LuminarAI.

Apply multiple textures

Why stop here? You can apply multiple textures by repeating the processes. Stacking textures on top of each other ensures uniqueness. Once you’re happy with the results, you can continue to add other tools or stop right here.

Show the world your creativity

It’s time to show off your work! Right-click on the image and choose Export. An export dialog box appears. Enter your favorite export settings. If the image is only being shown on social media sites, resize the image and select Long Edge and for size 1920px. This will keep the file size small and have good quality when viewing. Now upload the image to your favorite social media site.

If you’re using LuminarAI as a Lightroom Classic plugin, click the Apply button to return to Lightroom Classic. Then export the image like you normally do to share on social media or for printing.

The next time you feel yourself in a creative slump, release your imagination with Texture Overlays.

Create more and get free bonuses, with Luminar Neo

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