Adobe has announced updates to the Lightroom CC product line for cloud-based and desktop versions. Happily, they have also been added to Lightroom CC Classic. The big news, of course, is these new features are driven by Adobe Sensei the company’s powerful artificial intelligence engine.

As shot and adjustment comparison to the new Auto powered by Adobe SenseiNew Auto Settings

I have never been a proponent of anything “auto” in photography with the exception of autofocus (hooray!) until now. Sensei powered “Auto” in Lightroom CC Classic works. It works amazingly well. Adobe’s AI adjusts the major controls in the Develop module’s Basic panel: Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Vibrance, and Saturation. I put Auto to the test with an underexposed desert scene that included the sun and deep shadows. The frame is part of an HDR bracket series. It was exposed two stops darker. Auto does, frankly, extraordinarily good work on the photograph. The comparison below shows the before and after auto is applied. While I will still use a ColorChecker Passport for commercial work, I have a feeling that Auto will get a workout on my personal photography.

Compare the before underexposed desert scene with Auto using Adobe Artificial Intelligence.

Adobe has added new features to cloud-based Lightroom CC. Details coming soon!