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Finding faces with Excire Foto

Not so long ago I wrote a post about Excire Search, a plugin for Lightroom Classic, which allows you to quickly search for faces, people, landmarks and more within your

Pushing the light with post-production

Our state photography association in Arizona has been putting out a weekly challenge to members. They ask you shoot and post some behind-the-scenes photos to further education for members. The

Setting up Excire Foto for photo analysis

A few weeks ago, I received a beta version of Excire Foto and was excited to discover its capabilities. Below, I’ll run through the easy setup process and show you

Feathered light with Luminar 4

Join Rich Harrington for a look at how to create gentle feathered light with Luminar 4. This tutorial cover sky replacement as well as color grading. Luminar works as both

Better macro photography with Luminar 4

Join Rich Harrington for a look at how to enhance macro photos. Learn about sharpening details as well as zone-based controls. AI Structure is an amazing addition to unlock details

Mixing skies in Luminar 4

Join Rich Harrington for a look at how quickly you can blend two skies together. This is perfect to add drama as well as color grade the photo. Luminar works

Great looking red lips with Luminar

I normally ask female subjects to wear lip gloss or lipstick before we begin our photo session. This makes their lips look silky smooth. Most of the time they listen,

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It’s our birthday, and we want to celebrate with you! Check out our 21st birthday contest and enter to win a new camera, Drobo 8D, X-Rite calibration tools, XPozer prints, Skylum software and more!

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