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Trying out Blending Modes in Photoshop

Blending modes are an integral part of both design and color correction workflows as they let you mix the content of two or more layers. Part of the reason many

Dramatic Lighting | Tips from Hollywood

During a 4 hour ride in a Ford F-150 from Vegas to L.A.,Vanelli had a chance to ask Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy numerous questions about tips he’s learned from his long career as a Hollywood. shooter. Episode 1 talks about Hard light, Stylize the set and Apply texture to the scene

5 Easy Steps to Paint with Texture

Photoshop enables you to add a painting look to your images easy by using textures. The secret is to find the right texture for the image. You can build your

Creating Textures in Photoshop

Guest post & images by We’ve all seen a photograph with a unique, dramatic essence that urges us to stare just a little longer in awe, even when we don’t

Using Texture in Your Photography

Photography is a two-dimensional art, yet as photographers we are often-times trying to add depth and texture to our images. Texture is something you can integrate into a photo as