Adobe Creative Cloud Express can best be described as a lite, online version of InDesign which comes free with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (also available as a standalone subscription). This software, available on desktop and mobile, comes with a plethora of built-in templates for social posts, slideshows and more. But one of the most powerful features that I love is the ability to add your brand assets to the software and use them to create branded materials in a flash.

Creating multiple brands in Adobe Creative Cloud Express

If you have a few projects on the go, or you run different photography brands for different clientele, then you’re likely to have different sets of brand assets that go with each project. Now you can manage these in CC Express and use them to create on-brand templates and assets.

The benefit of this is that from any device where you are using CC Express, you can create new assets on the fly quickly and consistently, no matter which project you’re working on. No more need to have your brand fonts installed on your device. No more looking up the hex code of your brand colors over and over again!

Making a new brand in Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Making a new brand is easy. Click the Brands button on the side panel and start by uploading your logo.

The wizard will then prompt you with colors from the logo to add as your brand colors. Upload your brand font or fonts, and then click next. Enter the name of your brand and save it.

You then are given the option to add more assets to your brand. Additional logos, such as a secondary and tertiary logo can be added, as well as more colors and fonts. You can then customize how different variations of the brand are displayed in templates: Which colors and fonts to include for light, dark and medium palates.

Creating new assets then is as simple as clicking the plus symbol under Templates. Add on-brand text and have your colors offered ready to pick out for perfect brand matching.

You can add images and adjust them in-situ as well. This is particularly useful when adding photographs underneath text. Because CC Express is powered by Adobe’s editing suite, you have all the necessary photo editing tools at your fingertips to make the changes needed to allow your brand messages to stand out.

Uses for Adobe Creative Cloud Express’ brand management tools

For professionals working in multiple businesses, social media managers, or freelance designers, these tools make asset creation quick and easy. You can also rebrand in a click: By updating fonts and colors in the main brand screen, any template assets using those elements are updated with the new branding instantly.

It’s an easy way to make sure everything you deliver is on-brand, every time.

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