When a mermaid pops up on a rock, you have to grab your shot, even if the sunset’s not brilliant, right? Frequently a lot of planning can go into a shoot, but you can’t always rely on the weather. That’s when LuminarAI sky replacement can come to the rescue.

Working with portraits

Being totally serious, we had planned this mermaid shoot for months and even though it was warm, the sunset was totally flat. I still loved the photos but intended to crop the sky out of my original edits. But that’s when LuminarAI came to the rescue.

Using the updated SkyAI tool in LuminarAI is even better when it comes to portraits. In addition to making reflections, you can adjust the light on your subject within the Sky Relighting section. As well, of course, being able to relight the scenes with strength and saturation, too. Now with added reflections, this image really pops. I can have not just a great sky, but the added reflection is now on the waves too, including sunsets.

Now you can create reflections in LuminarAI

The latest LuminarAI has added reflections to the sky replacement, which is brilliant for water shots. This is something that has been missing up until now. It uses algorithms and such in its clever AI to conform the reflections to waves and ripples. You can adjust the reflection amount as well.

Sky replacement is great for travel photography, too

The bonus additions within the sky replacement don’t end there, you can also adjust the focus of the sky compared to the rest of the image with the Defocus slider. The horizontal and vertical alignment of the sky means you can really dial in the look you want to achieve. No more boring travel pictures!

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