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sky replacement

Applying creative edits to family photos in LuminarAI
With Photoshop 2021, Adobe fully embraces the future of photo editing
An in-depth look at Sky Replacement in Photoshop
The battle of sky replacement: Photoshop vs. Luminar 4
Adobe brings Sky Replacement, Neural Filters to Photoshop
Skylum previews next generation of sky replacement, with water reflections
Realistically enhance and replace your skies in LuminarAI
Adobe previews Sky Replacement tool for Photoshop
Bring new life into your scenes with sky replacement
Freshen up your skies with this sky replacement pack
Save big and create beautiful landscapes with Luminar 4
Sky replacement with red rocks and juniper

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Adobe previews Sky Replacement tool for Photoshop

This morning, Adobe shared a sneak peek of the Sensei-powered AI Sky Replacement feature, coming soon to Photoshop. In the video above, product manager Meredith Stotzner shares how the new tool gives the ability to add dramatic skies to scenes

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To the woods: Luminar 4 AI Sky Replacement

I’ve heard about the AI Sky Replacement feature in Luminar 4 for quite a while. ‘Ho hum,’ I thought. Many disappointments over the years from software makers saying this is going to be the next great thing. But it’s finally

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Go from Drab to Fab by Replacing Skies

In Michigan, we get a lot of gray days. But as photographers, we can’t let the weather hold us back. Let me show you how I used Luminar 2018 to replace the sky and make my image more engaging. Preparing

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Get the perfect crop with CompositionAI

With CompositionAI in the new LuminarAI, you can get the perfect copy and fix perspective issues in no time flat. Photofocus publisher Rich Harrington shows you how to get things done. Save on LuminarAI and get our free Boot Camp

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Avoiding memory card chaos

As photographers, we often take for granted one of the most important pieces of equipment we can invest in — memory cards. Whether you use CF or SD cards, there’s some simple things to remember in order to avoid card failure.

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Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure with Kevin Ames

Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure

This Exposure Tactics post explains what a “technically proper” exposure is and how to get there. Remember I said technically proper, not creatively right. The three photos above are with different exposures. Each one brings out a different feeling or

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Mind Your Own Business: New year, new plans!

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives! Today Skip and I have a detailed discussion about what photographers can do to make 2021 (and 2022, actually) better than ever. “Growth

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Going wide with 24mm for street photography

For many photographers, 35mm is the ideal focal length for street photography. However, if you’ve ever been curious about wide you can go with your choice of lenses for this genre, the quick video above by Pierre Lambert will give

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