MAX Sneaks is where Adobe shows off the early technology previews of potential features that may or may not get into their products.

Saturday Night Live comedian, Kenan Thompson, helped unveil the tech alongside Adobe engineers, and all the highlights right here. Spoiler alert: Cool sh&^ ahead. If you see something you especially like, let the Adobe teams know on the Adobe MAX Twitter channel.

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Morpheus Sneak

Ever see a video of yourself and wish you could change that one little thing? Maybe you forgot to shave, or maybe you left your glasses on. Well Project Morpheus, a new video editing technology, can help you out. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Project Morpheus uses machine learning to automate frame-level appearance changes with smooth, consistent results. Project Morpheus provides an entirely new way of authoring and editing content, making the need for painstakingly time-consuming, frame-by-frame edits a thing of the past.

Project Artful Frames

There’s no limit to the stories that animation can help tell, but producing an animated epic is a journey all its own. While traditional animation techniques have been refined over the years, it’s still a time-intensive commitment. Project Artful Frames aims to simplify that process.

The AI algorithm behind Artful Frames is a combination of neural representation, optimization, and super-resolution, which gives creators a lot of versatility. This method uses live video as a reference to preserving layout and realistic motion while creating a fully realized stylized animation. Artful Frames can take an example of an artist’s work, emulate their style, and apply it to a video, turning the footage into fine art. Sure, Van Gogh wouldn’t go there — but maybe you could …

Project Strike a Pose Sneak

Posing for a photo can be awkward. What are you supposed to do with your hands, for example? With Project Strike a Pose, any portrait can become picture-perfect. By providing a reference image of a person in the desired pose, Project Strike a Pose uses machine learning to reposition the person in an image into the same stance.

Through a unique mix of data and texture mapping, Project Strike a Pose replicates features such as clothing, hair and skin color to match the source image, while still accounting for factors like depth and lighting. Bye-bye, awkward family portraits.

Project Make it Pop

Content creators are always looking for whimsical ways to spice up their pictures, but there are only so many in-app filters a person can cycle through. Project Make it Pop provides a seamless, easy-to-use way to add a little something extra to images. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Make it Pop identifies parts of an image (background, foreground, body parts, etc.) and converts them to vector shapes. From there a creator can choose from a gallery of looks, stickers, and animations to apply to the image, transforming a picture into pop art.

Project In-Between

A picture is worth a thousand words … but could it be more? Project In-Between presents a new way to cherish your memories. Let’s say for example you have two images taken moments apart. Project In-Between utilizes the power of Adobe Sensei to generate an animated bridge between the pair of pictures, breathing new life into old photos. And this isn’t just for static images — using a short video clip, Project In-Between can produce silky smooth slow-motion footage so you can savor every moment again and again … and again.