Today at Adobe MAX, Adobe’s annual creativity conference, comedian Chelsea Handler co-hosted Sneaks with and Adobe’s Paul Trani to offer a preview of the futuristic tech Adobe engineers and researchers are exploring.

Sneaks are a preview of new, cutting-edge technologies and early tech explorations from Adobe’s labs. They may or may not make their way into future Adobe products. From tapping artificial intelligence to fix blurry videos to enabling collaboration in augmented reality (AR) experiences, these experimental Sneaks push the boundaries of creative innovation.


You know all those videos you have that are just not quite sharp? The ones you’ve shot from the car, or of you and your friends out enjoying life? You can use Sharp Shots to fix them for you, make them not quite so blurry with just one click.

Sharp Shots is powered by Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology). It takes advantage of advancements in computer vision and deep learning to transform blurry videos into sharp, steady, action-packed footage.


As more and more designers and developers use augmented reality to create 3D experiences, 3D models are in high demand. Creating them from scratch is a lengthy process.

Scantastic offers an intuitive solution that uses your smartphone and a photogrammetry pipeline to capture 3D models. Using your phone to capture an object from all sides, it automatically creates the 3D model which you can save to Creative Cloud and then use in Adobe Dimension.


Material World is powered by Adobe Sensei and is a tool that captures the material you are photographing and turns it into a digital texture.

This technology creates depth maps that take the texture of the material, cloth, rocks, wood, etc. and allows you to control the light direction and shadows within the texture to place on your objects for a very realistic look.


Physics Whiz uses a physics-based layout tool that allows 3D objects to interact with each other as they would in the real world.

This simplifies object manipulation and gives 3D objects much more natural-looking geometry.


You know those videos you’ve seen on social media of someone dancing to the latest dance craze and their movements aren’t quite on the beat of the music? There may be help!

On The Beat can analyze your own video to find out-of-rhythm movements and align them with beat-synced videos. You can even take videos with no music and sync them to a song.


Designing comic books can be tedious and time-consuming. Comic Blast takes a whole new approach to how this can be done in a much easier, faster and creative way.

Comic Blast creates comics in a whole new way, makes it easier to collaborate, add motion and animation and is 100x faster than doing it all by hand. It changes what is possible for the reader as well.


InSync streamlines the path from an XD file to a production-ready application.

This application will allow designers to work and share a project directly with the developers and then push through to the production site.


2D Plus makes it easy to take 2D objects in Illustrator and make them appear 3D.

Through the use of dynamic shadows, auto-arrange and graphic lighting you’ll be able to create a 3D look without having to learn 3D apps.


Typographic Brushes allows you to use brushes to brush over the type in your graphic to create new styles of type.

Taking user drawn stroke inputs, choice of brush and the typographic properties of the text object, Typographic brushes brings paint style brushes to your fonts and text.


Typically the augmented reality experience is done with one person. ART Together allows users to share the experience across devices.

Multiple users will be able to work together using the same view of physical space and virtual objects and can all contribute and participate in the experience.

A full list of this year’s Sneaks can be found on Adobe’s blog. Additionally, the Adobe MAX session can be viewed on-demand at and on Twitter.