This morning, as a part of the Adobe MAX updates, Adobe announced new versions of Photoshop for desktop and iPad. The company also brought a version of Photoshop to the web, enabling anyone to access and share Photoshop documents from anywhere, and comment on them.

Here’s what’s new for photographers; you can read the entire announcement here.

Photoshop on desktop

Hover Auto-masking Object Selection tool

The Object Selection tool has been significantly improved. Now you can just hover over an object you want to select in the image, and a single click will select it. Additionally, selections made are now more accurate and preserve more details in the edges of the selection.

The tool can detect most objects within an image, but not all (yet). Adobe is constantly improving its Sensei AI machine learning models to recognize additional categories of objects. If objects are not detected or only partially detected, you can click and drag a marquee over any of the areas you’d like to select.

One-click Mask All Objects in a Layer

In the Layer menu, you can now use the Mask All Objects option to easily generate masks for all the objects detected within your layer.

New Neural Filters

Adobe has built upon its Neural Filters feature, originally released last year. Today there are three new beta filters available — Landscape Mixer, Color Transfer and Harmonization.

Additionally, the Depth Blur Filter has received a new machine learning model that applies a more natural blurred background, and keeps the subject more in focus. The Superzoom Filter now operates on the entire image, and the Style Transfer Filter has been retrained to apply a more painterly, artistic effect.

Finally, the Colorize Filter sees another update, allowing you to bring your black and white images to life with more vibrant, natural colors.

Landscape Mixer

Landscape Mixer (beta) allows you to create entirely new scenes, concept art or whimsical scenes in just moments by combining any two landscape images together. 

Adjust the season of a scene by creating winterscape from a sunny summer day, or change the leaves on trees from summery green to autumn colors. Alter the time of day of a landscape by giving your mid-day photo a golden-hour sunset.

And if you have people or other subjects in your scene, those can be automatically masked and harmonized with the new scene you create.

Color Transfer

Quickly make the color of one image look like a reference image by transferring the color from the reference to the original. Color Transfer takes the color palette of an image and makes it easy to apply it to a different image. This is a major timesaver for a very common workflow (make this image look like that) and will provide a great starting point to get you closer to the look you’re going for.


Match the color and tone of an element on one layer to another layer using the machine learning magic of Adobe Sensei. The Harmonization Neural Filter saves time creating flawless, realistic composites by intelligently adjusting the hue and luminosity for the look you want.

Improved color management and HDR capabilities

Photoshop now supports Apple’s Pro Display XDR to see your designs in full, high dynamic range. The newly released Macbook Pro 14 and 16-inch models now feature XDR displays in addition to the Apple Pro Display XDR. This helps you to see your colors with more richness: The blacks appear deeper, the whites appear brighter and all the colors in between appear more like they do in the natural world.

Additionally, Photoshop will display correctly to HDR-capable displays when connected properly.

Improved “Export As”

The Export As functionality that has been available on the Macintosh M1 machines is now the default on all desktop operating systems. This is faster than ever, and built upon a new set of export APIs. It allows for better color profile handling, new behavior when previewing layers, and a side-by-side comparison between export settings.

Share for commenting

Quickly share your work for review with clients and colleagues and receive their feedback within Photoshop in the new commenting panel on both the desktop and iPad versions. Your collaborators will receive a link to your document where they can access it on the Creative Cloud web site and leave comments, including adding pins and annotations. That information flows directly to you inside Photoshop so you can see and address the feedback in context.

Photoshop on iPad

Camera Raw file support

Photoshop on iPad brings support for Camera Raw. Now you can import and adjust your RAW photos from all of the supported cameras that Camera Raw supports.

This allows for adjustments of areas like Light, Color, Detail, Optics and more. You can also use auto adjustments and tap and hold on the canvas to show a before and after preview.

Finally, you can place your Camera Raw file as an embedded Smart Object, where you can open the cloud document on Photoshop on desktop and still access your RAW file and adjustments.

Smart Objects

Now you can convert layers into smart Objects so that transformations and filters stay non-destructive. Convert any layer, multiple layers, or layer groups into a Smart Object, allowing you to group and organize your layers together.

Smart Objects on iPad have the same properties as they do in Photoshop on desktop. You can perform actions, like transform non-destructively, without changing or losing your pixels. You can also convert any Smart Object back to its component layers.

Dodge and Burn

The Dodge and Burn tools come directly from Photoshop on desktop with all the options. Adjust range for shadows, midtones, brush roundness and angle.

Note that these tools, just like Photoshop on desktop, work directly on your pixels. There are many non-destructive ways to dodge and burn (curves adjustment layers, black/white layers with blend modes), but this is a very popular tool.

Share for commenting

Quickly share your designs with collaborators to view and give feedback. Save time by receiving and responding to comments without leaving Photoshop on iPad. This feature is also shipping today in Photoshop on desktop.

Photoshop on Web (beta)

You can now create and share links to PSD documents stored in the cloud, allowing you to co-edit. them with collaborators and share them for review on the web. All versions of Photoshop have a new commenting panel allowing you to read, create and respond to comments.

Additionally, Photoshop on Web lets you test some basic Photoshop editing features, including simple Layers, selection tools, masking and more.