Did you know you can create your own gradients and color swatches with Adobe Color? Do you have an Adobe account? Chances are you do — go to color.adobe.com and login. Here, you can extract color themes and create gradients from your own images, which are then saved and stored in your Adobe libraries (in Photoshop and other apps) for later access.

So how can you create libraries?

Go to Extract Theme tab and select your image. There are several options there to choose and you can then save these selections to your CC Library. You can even explore what others have create and current color trends and save them to your library too.

If you jump over to the Extract Gradient tab, you can use your images to create gradients for your library as well. You can choose how many colors to use from 2-15, name it and save that to your library. You can even move the points around to get slightly different gradient variations too.

How do you access your Library in Photoshop?

Libraries are only available with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. if you do not have your Library panel showing in Photoshop, you can select it from Window > Libraries from the top menu.

From there you can access where you saved it to from color.adobe.com and access your selection from there. You can drag the gradients over as a layer and set your blend mode (try Soft Light) and opacity as you wish. You can use the color swatches to pick additional colors to use in your image or artwork.

You can choose a whole selection of gradients from here; warm, cool, summer or winter tones, or even autumn or spring. If you have textures and overlays you can add them in your Library for easy access as well. Open them in Photoshop, then create a new library and drag the file over. Then just drag and drop when required.