This morning, Adobe announced a round of updates for Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush and After Effects, to address the needs of video creators. All of these updates can be downloaded via the Creative Cloud app.

What’s new in Premiere Pro

The update to Premiere Pro brings a new captions workflow, letting users quickly add, customize and styles captions and subtitles. This workflow will be further accelerated by Speech to Text features later in 2021.

Premiere Pro also brings the ability to copy and paste audio track effects and racks between audio tracks.

This release also adds media replacement when using motion graphics templates, enabling creators to step up their personal brand, add stand out visual style to their videos and use templates to provide dynamic visual treatments, without the knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

Finally, a faster Warp Stabilizer provides a 4x speed gain for reducing camera shake in UHD footage.

What’s new in After Effects

Multi-frame rendering

New to the After Effects public beta is multi-frame rendering, which provides up to 300% faster rendering when exporting compositions with multicore CPUs.

Plus, a streamlined Render Queue now highlights the most important information to simplify the process. A new progress bar has three colors that show exported frames (blue), frames ready to be exported or already cached (dark green) and frames currently rendering (light green).

On a mid-range system, users can expect 1.6x-1.75x faster rendering, whereas a high-end system should experience 2x-3x faster speeds.

The beta can be downloaded via the Creative Cloud app, and can be run alongside the release version of After Effects.

Other updates in the release version

Coming to the After Effects release version is a new real-time 3D Draft Preview, giving users immediate feedback on 3D designs in the Comp panel. There’s also a 3D Ground Plane, helping designers orient their designs in space, providing a horizon line, vanishing point and grid.

A more efficient Composition toolbar has also been added, which presents tools contextually based on the current task.

Finally, like Premiere Pro, a faster Warp Stabilizer provides a 4x speed gain for reducing camera shake in UHD footage.

What’s new in Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush sees a minor update, which adds 24 new color filter presets, giving users more creative options for adding visual impact to videos.