I have a couple presets I use often. Some I created from scratch and a few Ive tweaked off of other presets I’ve collected over the years. I find if I shoot certain events, I know exactly how I need to tweak things. Instead of having to make the adjustments on every image, just save a preset. Its actually quite easy to do.

  1. Here I have my image and apply a current preset but I keep needing to make adjustments:


2. After I made some adjustments I want to save it as a new Preset:


3. All I need to do is click Develop>New Preset:


4. Name the new preset and click Create:


5. Once you click create, you will find your new preset in your Lightroom:


6. If you want to share, backup, or store your preset you can right-click and export the preset.


Now that you have your preset, this can make bulk editing easier and faster.