Adobe has officially announced that it’s bringing Photoshop CC to the iPad and other devices. First rumored this summer, the new version of Photoshop CC will deliver a familiar interface with many of the same tools that its desktop counterpart has.

This means you’ll be able to open and edit a PSD on the iPad, using tools like layers and masks in your workflow. It can be used on its own, or in tandem with the Photoshop CC desktop version. It’ll also work with pencil devices, allowing you to have precision when working.

Anything you do on the iPad version is synced seamlessly to the desktop, without having to export, import or work in different formats.

Both the desktop and iPad version share the same code base, so there are no compromises when it comes to power and performance, or with editing results. Tools will be gradually added over time, with a smaller set of features available with version 1.0.

Photoshop on iPad also has natural touch gestures, allowing you to speed up your workflow.

Updates to Photoshop CC

To celebrate the 20th release of Photoshop CC, Adobe has added a few updates:

Content-Aware Fill

An improved Content-Aware Fill experience lets you choose the pixels to include and exclude from the surrounding parts of a photo. A live preview is presented to the user of how your pixel selection will determine the final fill, so you can watch the image change as you brush or erase the source element — before committing the change. Once confirmed, the non-destructive output setting will automatically create a new layer with the selection, providing the intended visual output, while leaving your original image untouched.

Frame tool

The new Frame tool lets you create a placeholder for an image size or shape, and will auto-scale your image to fit the shape. You can convert any shape or text layer into a Frame for easy masking as well.

New home screen and improved in-app learning

You’ll find a new home screen, making it easier for you to get started and return to it to open assets. There’s also a new “What’s New” section so you can learn about all the newest features to Photoshop.

For users learning Photoshop, the home screen also shows you Learn content and connects to the in-app tutorial system. There’s also a tutorial “tour” through a real Photoshop document to get you started.

Finally, there are several more in-app tutorials available, as well as the ability to use those concepts using your own assets.

Continuous Undo

With this release, Cmd-Z (or Ctrl-Z on Windows) is now a continuous undo that moves backward in sequence from the last activity performed to the very first.

Automatically commit changes

Now when you click on a new tool, layer, on the canvas or off the canvas, Photoshop will automatically commit your changes after a text, crop, place or transform entry. You’ll no longer have to find the tiny checkmark in the Options bar or hit return.

Transform proportionally

Pixels, image and type layers will now transform proportionally by default. You’ll no longer have to hold down the shift key when scaling an image.

Other enhancements

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, there are several other changes made in this version of Photoshop:

  • Auto-update
  • Symmetry Painting
  • Double-click to edit text
  • Hide layer reference point
  • Prevent accidental panel moves
  • Blend mode review
  • Match font with Japanese fonts
  • Five new southeast Asian scripts
  • Distribute spacing like Illustrator
  • Math in number fields
  • Ability to see long layer names
  • Flip document view
  • Lorem Ipsum text
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut for Select and Mask

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