I was looking to hang one of my night photos on the wall, wanting something eye-catching and vibrant. For this article, I received this print and frame from Xpozer.

Bypassing the need for expensive frames

The mounting brackets are included. I don’t need to find a frame, which often costs as much as the print itself. Here, the paper lies flat and doesn’t have glare that can come from many plastic or glass frames, but still has built-in UV protection.

Can mount photos in minutes

You frequently hear that something can be done in minutes. This actually can be done in minutes. I wanted to show the process of assembling the frame, so I set up my iPhone on a stand. This video is basically in real-time.

Of course, I also drilled a hole and screwed in the mount to the wall, which takes a few more minutes. You may also use a nail, which works perfectly fine. The print and frame is very light.

Quality of the print

The printer says that they use a custom-developed Vivid Satin photo material, which has multiple layers and coatings. The print comes with four corner pieces already mounted to the back of the print. As you can see from the video, this is where the frame fits. No gluing.

And as previously mentioned, there is no glare. The featured photo on top was taken straight with the front door open, so if there had been glare, it would have been easily visible.

Printing night photos

As many know, prints frequently come out darker than they appear on your computer monitor. This is fairly common. Many people will brighten their photo by approximately 20% before sending it off to the printer. This quality is exacerbated when you print night photos.

Here, Xpozer has done a nice job in printing a full moon photo, which is admittedly brighter than a Milky Way photo, but is still a relatively dark photo. The colors translate well, and look visceral and vivid but accurate.