Dave Metz was a true innovator in the photographic industry. He joined Canon in 1977 and through three decades there started several programs that are ongoing today. Dave’s career included his starting Canon Professional Services (CPS), the Canon technical representative program, the Explorers of Light as well as Canon’s support for special events including the Olympics and NFL Super Bowls. He rose through the ranks to become the director and general manager for professional services at Canon. He left Canon in 2006 to start Dave Metz Consulting. One of his early clients was Sigma Corporation of America. At Sigma, Dave started the Sigma Pros program and worked producing spectacular booths at photographic conferences like WPPI, Photo Plus Expo and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Dave was well loved by many and respected for his creations. He was an amazing story-teller who loved Portillo’s hot dogs in Chicago.

I had the honor of working for Dave as a Sigma Pro for six years. The photographic industry is richer for his being in it and much, much poorer for his passing.

Happier times: I made this photo of Dave in front of Portillo’s on September 9, 2010.