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Ken Lee

Photographing autumn traditions: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
How can you be a colorblind photographer?
What are hot pixels, and how can you remove them?
My night photographing an eerie haunted abandoned water park
Why don’t cameras use smartphone technology?
Exploring hidden locations of the Mojave National Preserve … while staying safe
Light Painting 101: Lighting a “giant robot dog monster” (mining equipment) during a full moon
Solving night photography problems: Three ways to keep dew off a lens
Beautiful sharpening made easy in Adobe Photoshop
Photofocus Road Trip: A beautiful national park in Los Angeles’ backyard
Topaz DeNoise AI vs. stacked exposure: Which wins out for starry night skies?
Light painting 101: How to photograph a historic Route 66 Whiting Bros Motel sign

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Why don’t cameras use smartphone technology?

It’s a question many photographers, including myself, have been asking for years. Why don’t mirrorless and DSLR cameras utilize smartphone technology and apps? My friend Mary Wade, using a co-worker’s ring light, had photographed portraits of her fellow employees using

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Five features I want to see come to Photoshop

Photoshop has been the most powerful, dominant photo editor for over well over two decades. However, we always wish for more, don’t we? Here’s five features that I would love to see come to Photoshop. 1. More accurate Sky Replacement

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