Do you miss those daily photo themes from the old Google+ days?

There are a few of those themes that have survived throughout social media. If you search hashtags you can find the likes of #FloralFriday, #WordlessOnWednesday and others. 

If you join the Photofocus Community, we’re working on reviving a few of these daily photography themes.

Benefits of photographing and sharing for themes

There are benefits to having a theme to photograph or share each day. Sometimes we lack the motivation to get our cameras out of our bags. When you have a specific theme to photograph for that day, it may just make it easier to pull the camera out and create an image. It can also give you a reason to dig through your archives and find images you forgot you had.

Sharing is a great way to be inspired. Since we all have different views and ways of thinking, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for a theme helps us all start thinking beyond the typical image we might create. This can help us all get and be a little more creative.

Our daily photo themes

#SundaySports and #SunsetSunday

#MonochromeMonday and #MountainMonday

#TravelTuesday and #TextureTuesday

#WordlessOnWednesday and #WildlifeWednesday

#ReflectionsThursday and #ThirstyThursday

#FloralFriday and #FramedFriday

#SaturdaySunrise and #StreetSaturday

Share your own photos

If you’d like to join in on the daily photo themes fun, join us in the Photofocus Community.