How often do you hear photography masters and mentors caution against chasing perfection? It’s a construct that is so subjective and elusive that it can be more of a distraction than a way forward in our photography. Today’s photography inspiration is a reminder of what we should be pursuing instead as part of nurturing our creativity.

In his video above, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography shares his thoughts on why chasing perfection isn’t an ideal way to cultivate the creative side of photography. First, it often leads us to feel unsatisfied in our work and unhappy or impatient in our progress. Apart from that, he also explains why it’s a concept that we often get caught up in because of technology.

Instead, he suggests that we should set our eyes and efforts on pursuing excellence. Inspired by the words of his friend John Free, Forbes expands on the idea with some insights on Henri Cartier Bresson, who, both photographers believe, embodied excellence in all aspects of photography.

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