Going back to the personal side for a moment, exercise six days a week if possible. I recommend doing it first thing in the morning. Exercise solves so many problems. 

I’m not in perfect health, but a few years ago, my health was really far off. I had gotten knocked down a flight of stairs and really hurt myself, and had to have surgery. Not long after that, I had a tooth infection that put me in the hospital, and actually, I got a secondary infection that almost killed me. It was pretty scary. I learned that being not in good shape really caused all sorts of problems, and I want to be around to see my wife and my kids, but it’s not just the longterm benefits.

Clearer focus

There’s a lot of short term benefits. Exercise leads to a clear focus. You’re going to have new ideas, you’re going to be able to solve things and think them through more quickly.

Increased creativity & better health

It boosts your creativity because it gets everything flowing, and it leads to longterm, better health as well as short term, better health.

Longer life

You’re going to have a longer life and more energy. I encounter so many people in our industry that have poor health, and again, I’m not a fitness nut, but I do exercise regularly. 

The bottom line

I could eat better, I could sleep more. I can choose not to occasionally pull through the Chick-fil-A drive-through. I’m not perfect, but I exercise six days a week — sometimes twice a day, once in the morning and once at night — and I feel so much better for it. And you will too. If you don’t know where to start, get a personal trainer. Sign up for an exercise class, go to your community center, find something that works with your budget and make this change. It makes all the difference. 

If you have back pain, it’s because you’re not exercising enough.  You’re sitting in a chair all day long, or you don’t know how to lift things, and you’re carrying heavy equipment everywhere. Exercise solves problems. 

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