You like to click with your subject, Your camera snapping up what you want to remember, Turning moments into timeless images to share with family and friends. You breathe photography, Just like us.

Why we created Xpozer

We created Xpozer because we needed a solution to a photo predicament. Clemens wanted to give a big photo print as a Mother’s Day gift but couldn’t find an option that was high-quality, stylish, and easy. All of the available products fell short of what he wanted. Back then we were both engineering students at the Technical University of Del” in The Netherlands, and as hobby photographers (and techies), this was the perfect challenge.!

Dutch design for photographers

Knowing that photographers take more than one great photo, we wanted a simple way to hang high-quality and enormous photo prints – and to change those prints easily.

After graduating we got to work and 1640 feet (500 meters) of aluminum and 74 prototypes later, we made our first customers happy! Their photo stories came to life with an Xpozer Vivid Satin photo print hung on our innovative, hidden frame. It’s Dutch design for photographers. All the attention is on the photo, with the elegance and simplicity of the frame literally hanging behind.

Amazing Photography: This is why there's Xpozer
Clemens and Ivan Xpozer’s creators

Modern frame for all your stories

Xpozer’s frame uses a patented tension-spring mechanism to keep every photo hanging perfectly taut without a visible frame. Whenever you want to hang a new photo, you simply release the tension spring and move the frame from one great photo to another. Every Xpozer photo print comes with pre-mounted corner brackets that slide easily onto the corners of the frame. With such an easy and affordable solution, you can hang new photos on your wall whenever you want!

We’re happy

Of course, we were super proud when our innovation started winning prizes: a Red Dot Design Award, an IF Design Award, the Phillips Innovation Design Award and a bunch more. But mostly we’re just happy because now we can hang all our photos how we want and share this cool system with others.

Enjoy more photos more often

How amazing would it be to hang a new photo on your wall with each season? That’s why we created the Xpozer photo 4-pack. When you regularly take so many great photos, you shouldn’t be stuck with one photo on the wall for months, let alone years. With four vivid satin photo prints plus Xpozer’s interchangeable frame, showing off all your great photos has never been this easy or looked this good.

Amazing Photography: This is why there's Xpozer
Xpozer’s 4-Pack

This is why we created Xpozer

We choose to discover when others choose the beaten path. We capture life with our cameras and hold it close. We shoot real photos to share with real people. Photos that show who we are and what we love.

That’s why likes and shares are not enough. That’s why photos don’t belong in our computers, But in our lives. And that is why we created Xpozer.

The magic happens when a digital image is printed. Like Pinocchio becomes a real boy by the touch of a fairy, That’s when your photo’s story comes to life, becomes real.

Real photos belong on the wall, Where their energy inspires us every day. Big and visible, In our homes and in our lives.

Experience your photos anew. Not just big, but in an over-sized, super-huge way.

We are Xpozer and we believe in real photos, the bigger the better.

Join us.

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  • 4 practical photo guides to help you enjoy your photos to the max
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