Recently I set up an image exhibit of some of my landscape photography at a local coffee shop. I piled nine large boxes with my canvases into my car and spent over an hour unloading, unpacking and hanging them in the cafe.

While the end result was sufficient, the process was rather tedious and I felt like there had to be a better, more efficient system for displaying my work in public spaces. Enter Xpozer.

Making your life easier

Xpozer is a company that aims to streamline the process of printing and hanging your images. After a quick online order at, you will receive your print and the pre-installed hanging system shipped to you in a compact box. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed right on the box for your convenience.

I personally had a great customer experience from the onset when I ordered my print. Right after ordering they sent me an email confirming the purchase and sent me a tracking number for shipping, as well as a separate invoice for my records. A couple of days later an employee wrote me to say that my order would be arriving shortly and to contact her directly with any questions.

I was impressed with how fast the order arrived to me in Canada after it was shipped from the U.S. The print itself also impressed me when I pulled it out of its protective wrapping.

I purposely chose a very bright image to be printed as I wanted to ensure the colors were printed true to the file I sent them, which they were. The prints have UV-resistant and non-glare coatings which keep them protected and looking great from any angle.

The image I chose to have printed was a colorful long exposure taken during some stunning pre-sunrise light.

Time to test it out

It literally took me about a minute to set my Xpozer print up the first time. The print arrives with pre-installed corner pieces on the back, which make sliding the lightweight aluminum frame pieces into place super easy.

I was equally impressed with how perfectly stretched and taut the print was after using their tension-spring technology to secure the frame onto the print. Orders also arrive with a mounting bracket for your wall, so that you have everything you need to have your print up within minutes of receiving it.

Game changer

I held onto my Xpozer box after hanging my print, as you can use it for storage if at any time in the future you want to replace your current print with a new one. The beauty of this system is that you can use the same frame but switch out your prints as desired.

Alternatively, I know I’ll be able to quickly pack up my print if I need to hang it somewhere else, or sell the whole package to a client and be able to easily deliver it, secured and safe from any potential damage.

Below is a quick video I made when I received my print so that you can see for yourself just how easy it is to set up the Xpozer system.