After a tumultuous 2020, the holidays will be here before you know it! As we gear up for the biggest shopping season of the year, we’re presenting our favorite gifts for photographers this holiday season. Below are a few of our favorites that are valued under $50.

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Revo Bi-Color Vlog Light with Phone Holder

Recommended by Lauri Novak | Read review | $29.99; available via B&H

With more and more of us working from home, this Revo Bi-Color Vlog Light is a great addition to a home office. It’s also a great tool for a photographer who is expanding their offerings to online webinars and courses.

Westcott Basics 5-in-1 Sunlight Reflector (20″)

Recommended by Bob Coates | $29.90; available via B&H

This is a handy size reflector. It folds down to about eight inches and has a little pouch you can hang from your belt. I use this when out hiking to kick a little light to enhance a subject. More often I’ll use the inside scrim to spread the light to soften the sun on flowers.

WANDRD Wrist Strap

Recommended by Bryan Esler | First look$29; available via B&H

This new strap by WANDRD is comfortable, lightweight and works with any camera. With just one secure point, you keep the bottom of your camera open for connection to a tripod or other mount. The WANDRD Wrist Strap automatically detects if you drop your camera, and tightens the strap against your wrist for security.

Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit

Recommended by Vanelli | $39.95; available via B&H

Good little kit including wipes, microfiber cloth, lens fluid, brush and blower. Great when your out on location and need to quickly clean your lens or camera.

Vello ShutterBoss II Timer Remote Switch

Recommended by Ken Lee | $49.95; available via B&H

I have been using Vello ShutterBoss II remote switches for several years for night photography. They are quite consistent and easy to program and use, also remembering your settings the next time you power it up. You may use it for continuous shooting, self-timer, long time exposures and interval shooting. Or you may use it without needing to power it up for a simple remote shutter release with locking mechanism.

ExpoDisc 2.0 White Balance Filter

Recommended by Rick Friedman | $49.95; available via B&H

If you want perfect color with you digital photographs this is the simple, fast and inexpensive way achieve it. It takes about 15 seconds to get to perfect color, without any extra processing. I have been using mine for over 10 years.

Wimberley The Plamp II

Recommended by Bob Coates | $43; available via B&H

When you need an extra hand or two to hold scrims or reflectors this thing rocks. It’s also possible to gently hold flowers still or position them while photographing outdoors.

Think Tank Photo Camera Strap V2.0

Recommended by Rick Friedman | $28.75; available via B&H

These are the best camera straps I have ever used. They have a rubber coating on both sides, so it doesn’t slip off your shoulder, no matter what jacket you are wearing.

Neewer Pro 4-Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider

Recommended by Julie Powell | $39.99; available via B&H

Perfect for getting those focus stacking shots, can move sideways or forward to backward, so you can line up and then adjust to get the perfect shots.

MagMod MagBounce

Recommended by Bryan Esler | $49.95; available via B&H

MagMod’s flash modifiers are some of the best in the business, and have been my go-to for years. The MagBounce is perfect for adding a bit of light into your photos while still retaining a natural look, as it increases the size of your flash by about 300 percent.

“Ernst Haas: New York City in Color, 1952-1962”

Recommended by Kevin Ames | $33.68; available via Amazon

Pioneering color photographer Ernst Haas explored the colors of New York City in photographs of its architecture, street life, residents, posters and traffic. This colorful time machine takes us to a New York where suits were worn to work, the streets were filled with large sedans and everything looked new and fresh except for Times Square. This is a great holiday trip into what the city used to be.

Think Tank Photo Emergency Rain Cover

Recommended by Rick Friedman | $39.75; available via B&H

This is an essential item in my kit. When I have to work in the rain, I get wet.  I just don’t want my expensive digital cameras to get wet. This is the inexpensive, lightweight solution.

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

Recommended by Bob Coates | $49.95; available via B&H

I gotta tell ya — I love my Peak Design Camera Straps! I always fought with my gear when mounting the camera on a tripod. Trying to wrap the strap around so I wouldn’t fly in the wind was always a bit of a struggle. Even when wrapped, there was extra windage shaking the camera just a bit. With the Peak Design quick release anchors, that’s no longer a problem. In addition, I can swap different camera straps between my cameras in a snap.

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