Today, WANDRD announced three camera straps, made of recycled “soft touch” nylon that easily connects to your camera. Best known for its series of camera bags and backpacks, WANDRD produces gear perfect for those creatives that spend time outdoors.

With the addition of its camera straps, WANDRD adds more options for photographers to its lineup. All three straps — the wrist strap, neck strap and sling strap — work with any camera on the market, and allow for quick, secure adjustments.

The lineup

All of WANDRD’s straps are made from a soft recycled nylon, and attach directly to the loops on your camera. You can also attach them to a plate of your choosing, as long as it has at least a 3mm hole for attachment.

Wrist Strap

WANDRD’s Wrist Strap is super low profile. It can be extended to 13.25 inches in length, and is .75 inches thick. It features Hypalon attachment loops that are rated up to 75 pounds.

The cool thing with WANDRD’s Wrist Strap is that it comes with a self-tightening hardware system. Meaning that if you accidentally drop your camera, the strap tightens and locks, meaning it won’t leave your wrist.

The Wrist Strap retails for $29.

Sling Strap

The WANDRD Sling Strap lets you use the strap as a sling, neck or shoulder strap comfortably. It has a length of 29 to 46.75 inches, and has a width of just 1.25 inches. The Hypalon attachment loops are rated up to 100 pounds.

It has two adjusters, so you can quickly switch between carrying modes. Finally, it also has a non-slip silicone print to ensure the strap stays put, and also has a built-in flathead tool for when you need to switch over to a tripod.

The Sling Strap retails for $54.

Neck Strap

The WANDRD Neck Strap is what you’d expect — a traditional strap that’s suited to be worn around the neck. But unlike the neck straps that ship with cameras, this has the same recycled nylon material, meaning it’s much more comfortable. Plus, it has a thickness of just .4 inches, and a maximum length of 15 inches. Its Hypalon attachment loops are capable of carrying up to 75 pounds.

The Neck Strap retails for $24.

First impressions

I’ve long been a user of Peak Design’s Slide strap. It’s comfortable and works well with how I photograph. I do have some qualms with it, and WANDRD seems to improve on at least one of those — the Sling Strap is not nearly as thick.

On the Wrist Strap, I’m excited to use it. I’ve struggled for years to find a strap that will work with a battery grip well, and this seems to be a good solution, as it only connects to the camera at one point (instead of two). I love how it’s not big and bulky — it really fits the mirrorless world well.

What I also love with these straps is the fact that I don’t need any extra hardware. No more worrying about whether my Arca-Swiss plate is connected tightly.

As someone who regularly uses WANDRD’s PRVKE Backpack, the company’s straps seem to hit the mark. I’m impressed with their comfort and their flexibility to my shooting style. I’ll report on them once I’m able to use them a bit more.