I was recently given the opportunity to take a look at the Revo Bi-Color Vlog Light. Since I’ve been delving a bit more into video and live online events like The Photographer Show, I was already looking for options in lighting because my office windows and floor lamp weren’t quite cutting it.


My thoughts on the Revo Vlog Light

Just out of the box and without reading anything about it I thought it was pretty cool. My mind went immediately to using it for macro photography instead of video, but that’s OK — it’s nice to have a product with multiple functions. You could possibly add a second light to the phone clamp to use as a second light source during macro photography.

The first time I used it I attached it to my desk with the clamp, which is quite strong and sturdy. I only used the light which I found very easy to operate. I was blinded at first though and have learned to not look right at it when turning it on. It is perfect for video conferencing and recording live video from my laptop.

Features of the Revo Vlog Light

The Bi-Color Revo Vlog Light comes with an attached adjustable phone holder. The phone clamp adjusts to accommodate different widths of phones. It also has a locking ring so you can lock your phone in position.

Both the light and phone clamp are on flexible arms that can be moved around to be positioned however you need them.

This light is powered via USB plug and the controller has an on/off switch along with +/- buttons for the 10-step brightness control which goes from 10% to 100%. There is also a color mode selector to change the light from cool, warm and neutral. It weighs 8 ounces, which was a bit heavier than I expected. The light itself contains 24 LEDs.


Real-world usage

Using this for recording live video and during video calls has been really simple. It easily clamps to my desk and is quite a stable, tight clamp. You could also use it during live chats with friends and family

It is a bit heavy to carry around in your camera bag at all times, but if you know you’ll be recording video with your phone it would easily be clamped to a fence, small branch or sign so you can be hands-free to show your audience what you’re doing. It would be great for Facebook live broadcasts as well.


  • LED count: 24
  • Dimming: 10-step from 10% to 100%
  • Housing material: plastic and aluminum
  • Power source: USB standard A
  • Maximum phone width: 3.25 inches/8.2 cm
  • Dimensions: LED Flex arm length — 21 inches/53.3 cm, phone clamp arm length — 13 inches/33 cm
  • Weight: 8 ounces/226 grams

I haven’t had a chance to fully put the Revo Vlog Light through the paces, but I can easily see that it may get me to do a bit more in-the-field live video. You could even clamp it on your tripod if you’re trying to show your audience how to use your camera, or when you’re doing a live photoshoot and there isn’t anywhere to secure it to (or if you don’t have a second set of hands). I can see that I will be trying a few more things for sure, like macro photography and some “here is how I set this up” type videos for my audience.

For current pricing of the Revo Bi-Color Vlog Light, visit B&H.