We’re super excited for the new Perfectly Clear Complete version 3.1 that shipped this week.  It adds a bunch of great new features.  There are also some great new LOOKs and presets that unlock even more options in a jiffy.  Join Photofocus publisher Richard Harrington as he shows you the latest features and answers your questions on how to get great images in less time.

When: Today, Friday, June 9 @ 1 pm ET

Where: Watch it right here in this blog post or on YouTube

We’ll tackle all the new features including:

  • Neutral Density Filter. Does your image suffer from color or light that is too intense? We’ve put a digital version of an ND filter in so you can effectively reduce the amount of light entering the lens. This filter is a great refinement when combined with the Image Ambulance adjustment. Be sure to check out the preprocessing section if your photos are coming in a little bit hot or washed out.
  • New Preset Packs and LOOKs. Check out new recipes for great images designed by top pros.  Save time while still getting pro results.
  • Foliage Enhance. Landscape and travel photographers rejoice. We’ve separated the controls so you can boost both green and brown tones. Plus you’ll find five different recipes that you can choose from for each. Each offers a unique way to enhance tones in a photo. Be sure to experiment with the different methods and the strength slider.
  • Sky Enhance.  Need to bring out your skies? We’ve added even more recipes so you can target the skies for more color and depth. Be sure to experiment with the different methods for your photos and find your favorites. These options make it easier to get a rich sky in your portrait and landscape photos.
  • Eyes and Skin are Now Super Intelligent. Are you looking for the perfect preset for group portraits? How about an easy place to start for any photo of a person? We’ve added a new preset called iAuto Skin + Eyes. It analyzes the image and achieves an overall balanced adjustment to the eyes and skin. Intelligent Auto is ideal for creating a natural look for many subject types or group portraits.
  • Just in Time Help.  There’s a lot of power in Perfectly Clear Complete, but you can’t use it if you don’t know about it. We’ve put useful tutorials right into our plugin.  As you use the plugin, you’ll discover useful videos about all of the features. Just click the help icons that you’ll find right in the plugin. You’ll get a short video that helps you unlock the controls for that set of tools.