It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and despite the strange times we live in now, we just can’t miss shooting the best we can make out of it. With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure you have those bright lights and shiny ornaments ready for capturing the joy of the season. While you’re at it, make sure you’re all set to shoot the festivities with some of our best holiday photography tips!

Photo by Lauri Novak

Five quick tips for photographing holidays

For starters, we have a bunch of quick tips that will jazz up your holiday snaps. Some of these involve techniques and tricks that you may be overlooking. These include both tried and tested holiday techniques like bokeh-licious photos, and going beyond the usual images of gift-wrapped boxes. Try getting creative with the Christmas lights, iconic details and sparkles of the season.

Photo by Lauri Novak

Going macro for the holidays

With all the lovely and sparkly decorations surrounding you this time of the year, there are plenty of subjects perfect for a macro Christmas. If you haven’t used your macro lenses in a while, it’s definitely time to dust it out and dive into the details again. If you’re new to macro photography (got a new macro lens for Christmas, perhaps?), make sure to check out these quick tips for capturing the beautiful details of the holidays!

Photo by Bryan Esler

Creative snaps of the Christmas morning

Christmas mornings are always filled with excitement as everyone gathers around to see what’s under the Christmas tree. This is a perfect opportunity to document some heartwarming moments, so make sure you’re ready with your camera! To help you nail those fun shots of everyone getting busy with their presents, we have some tips and tricks for you to use from now on.

Photo by Levi Sim

Portrait tips with holiday lights

Thinking of shooting some fun Christmas portraits for the family? Getting the lighting right to convey warmth and holiday cheer is crucial for this. With these holiday portrait tips, you can easily create a scene fitting for the occasion — using both continuous lights and the Christmas lights you’ve set up around the house.

Photo by Julie Powell

Festive food photography tips

Of course, Christmas festivities won’t be complete without some delicious food! Apart from capturing all the details using a macro lens, why not make your food photos dynamic as well? With these these festive food photography tips, you’ll be able to use movement to make your holiday food — especially desserts — more lively and mouthwatering!

More holiday photography resources

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