I’m a big fan of cinematic photography. It’s one of the most popular visual styles these days for photographers of all levels, and it’s easy to see why. With its innate ability to effectively set the mood and emphasize the narrative, it’s the go-to style of many photographers who are more inclined towards story-driven work.

Of course, movies are the best sources of inspiration and lessons for anyone keen on learning the cinematic look. In the video above, Belgium-based photographer and filmmaker Joris Hermans talks about how studying movies will greatly improve your photography. Whether you’re into cinematic photography or simply want to get better at creating visual narratives, his tips on what to pay attention to when watching movies will certainly give you some great ideas.

Aside from these tips, Hermans also shared some insights on how the staged cinematic photography of Gregory Crewdson greatly influenced his own work. As he said, we can’t talk of cinematic photography and not mention his incredible photos and the painstaking process behind each snap!