Whether you enjoy seeing your kids run up to each door and get their favorite candy, or if you’re more of a horror, spooky fan that can’t wait for that moment of suspense, we have you covered! Our team has written several Halloween-centric articles to get your creative photography juices flowing.

Looking for ideas for Halloween-themed photoshoots? - Are you looking for some fun ideas to photograph some spooky Halloween themed shoots? Why not grab some friends — and I do mean a few. This can be thrown together quite quickly if you’re organized enough. You would be amazed at what you can create with a little thinking outside the box. Where to […]
Creative lighting for your pumpkins - Whether you are photographing pumpkins for fall, Halloween or even Thanksgiving, it’s easy to get creative with lighting for your pumpkins. Halloween spooky Want something a little dark and dramatic, possibly even spooky try a beauty dish on the lowest setting, but at least 5-6 feet away (2 meters). This creates deep shadows and soft […]
How to modify a black cat with Photoshop - What is more Halloween-y than a skeleton? It might be a black cat. And, since most folks will be playing with skeletons, I decided to take on a little modification of a black cat to help get you ready for Halloween. This type of image could be used on your website, Instagram account or printed […]
Get creative with your lighting for Halloween-themed photoshoots - Are you looking for ideas for creative lighting for Halloween-themed photoshoots? Let me take you on a look behind-the-scenes for some of the lighting setups used in the studio on a few sessions. Getting creative doesn’t mean it always has to be created with studio flashes, either. Find creative alternatives The below image was captured […]
My Halloween must-haves - Would you believe me if I said Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year to shop? :) Now I get what your thinking, “what girl doesn’t love shopping,” but what if I said I love shopping at the Halloween store for things that I use year-round in my photography? Would you believe […]
How to make the most of trick-or-treating with your camera - As a mom of two wild and crazy kids who’s love for Halloween runs through their veins all year long (which yes, is a very proud moment for me), I thought I would share four tips for photographing kids during the trick-or-treating festivities. Have some juice and get prepared Make sure that you have a […]

From all of us at Photofocus, we wish you a Happy Halloween!

Lead photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash