What is more Halloween-y than a skeleton? It might be a black cat. And, since most folks will be playing with skeletons, I decided to take on a little modification of a black cat to help get you ready for Halloween.

This type of image could be used on your website, Instagram account or printed as a card to remind clients you are still around in a creative way.

Meet Luna

This cat came one day and knocked on our front door. Literally. It was a feral cat the neighbor had started to feed. The neighbor had young screaming (and sometimes ornery) children that made the cat flee to our home. We have since been trained to be its caretaker.

Luna the long hair black cat, shot out of camera

You’ll need to find your own cat image. Or, let me know, and I’ll share an image of Luna with you.

Photoshop is my go-to software

Let’s play in Adobe Photoshop to make the cat image more interesting. I take texture layers that I have gathered over the years and use Layers and Blend Modes to make modifications.

The latest Photoshop versions make this quite easy. You place a Layer over another. Then, by scrolling over the Blending Mode Options it will instantly show you how it will blend with the Layers below.

Visually find one you like and you can stop right there. For more even creative looks duplicate the Layer, rotate it and change the blend mode again.

I find the most used Blend Modes to be Multiply, Overlay and Soft Light for the effects but all have their place. In addition, you can add Adjustment Layers to change color and contrast. Get in and play. Shuffle the Layers for even more looks. Have fun.

The possibilities are endless

Pick the right font to help tell your Halloween tale. This will be used for my Instagram feed (but maybe in a different color).

I can’t stress enough that the looks you can achieve are limitless. Leave the fear of ‘making a mistake’ at the door which will open your mind to new imagery.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob