GoPro cameras are a great addition to my kit. They allow the capture unique and adventurous angles, but best of all are really small. Just like the camera, the memory card is small – newer GoPros record to a microSD card. On most shoots, I’m filling 32gb or 64gb cards, then backing up and erasing them quickly. But whats the best way to transfer the files?

I’ll give you a hint. . . The included USB cable is not the right way. Let me explain: the USB port on the GoPro is meant for charging. It’s a low capacity port built with USB 2.0 technology. If you’re using a newer computer, you should know that your USB ports are built with USB 3.0. Therefore, transferring via USB 2.0 is painfully slow.

There’s a better way. . . Back when you purchased your memory card, it might have come with a larger SD card holder. You can plug your microSD card into the holder and use it like a normal SD card. Now you can plug it into a USB 3.0 card reader and transfer like you would from a regular camera.

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