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GoPro announces HERO7 Black

Today, GoPro introduced its new product lineup including the $399 flagship, HERO7 Black. The HERO7 Black features a new feature — HyperSmooth — toted as the best in-camera video stabilization

Photofocus Partner MPB Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Specials from MPB

Actually, it’s really Black Wednesday! Today through Monday, November 27, 2017, save big on the following used items from Click any photo to go to its deal page. A

A First Look at the GoPro Hero 6

Join us for a free webinar today (or watch the replay) to learn about the new GoPro Hero 6.  Photofocus publisher Rich Harrington got his hands on one of the

Moving into 360-Degree Cameras

Camera technology is constantly changing and it’s about to the point where we’re wondering. . . What do we want next? We have ultra-high megapixel digital cameras like the Canon

The Ultimate GoPro 5 Kit

I do a lot of shooting with GoPro cameras.  They offer a great size to price to performance ratio and really allow for some creative work. The thing is, the

4K Grid (wikipedia)

4K. What’s all the Hubub, Bub?

Over the last eighteen months, Panasonic, Sony, GoPro, Canon and Apple have brought new 4K cameras to market. With this in mind, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Let’s see if we can shed some light on that issue.

GoPro Periscope Integration

GoPro + Periscope = DroneCast

Yesterday, GoPro and Periscope announced a new integration that allows GoPro owners to connect their cameras to the Periscope app. On the surface, this might seem a bit frivolous; it is anything but.

GoPro 3-Way: A Unique Camera Accessory

GoPro cameras have become incredibly popular for capturing point-of-view and action shots (both photo and video). They’e also an excellent way for a photographer to get behind the scenes footage

Which GoPro Battery Lasts the Longest?

While GoPro cameras offer awesome point of view shots, they don’t have the best battery life. I went into the test labs to see which battery lasted the longest. Learn

New GoPro HERO 4 Firmware Updates

GoPro just released major new firmware updates for their popular HERO 4 camera, bringing a few different video frame rates and a new video time lapse mode. Firmware updates allow

How to Get Steady Shots from a Quadcopter

Are you interested in Quadcopters or already bought one? One of the most important options you can get is a gimbal (think of it as Image Stabilization). Gimbals allow you

The Fastest Way to Copy Data from a GoPro

GoPro cameras are a great addition to my kit. They allow the capture unique and adventurous angles, but best of all are really small. Just like the camera, the memory

Fly Safe with Your Quadcopter

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be “fly safely.” This post is about flying drones safely and what to do when things go awry. It is a story that happened

Storytelling with a Drone

I bought my first drone last December. I learned to fly it reasonably well. I bought my second one in March. It had a camera and a first person view

GoPro Field Guide

The GoPro Field Guide

The folks at GoPro have started putting together a video tutorial series for their flagship product. I’ve assembled the first three episodes in a playlist for the video above. You can also find the episodes, mixed in with other content, in GoPros’s playlist.

Hello Hero 4

Say Hello To Your New Hero, from GoPro

We have a new GoPro. In fact, we have three. Like many of you, I have been waiting for these new action cameras to drop. Now that they have, let’s take a look at what each offers, where it might fit in in your kit and what the new entries might signal about the future of the line.

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