gp1I’ve been shooting a lot with small cameras lately. I’ve been on a quest to experiment with mounting multiple cameras in many places. This has mainly taken place with GoPro cameras for shooting both stills and videos.

My go-to piece of grip gear has been my collection of GorillaPods. From mounting on the ground to wrapping around a tree, this device can handle it all. What I like best is how the units can be bent into position or wrap around a subject, but they’re still strong enough to hold the camera in place.

Here’s a few ideas to try.

#1 Go Low

First up go low. Get the camera closer to the ground. So much video and photography is shot at eye level. Change this up to add drama to a shot and get a little variety in.

#2 Be Extra Safe

gp3While a GorillaPod is a fairly stable platform, don’t be afraid to go for extra stability. Joby makes a GorillaPod with magnetic feet. There are several options for different purposes. I’m also not afraid to use Gaffer tape or a safety chain to prevent any accidental movement.

When it comes to grip gear, my philosophy is be secure and be redundant. With a GoPro camera the whole thing is designed to bound (or even get smashed). But as I add more expensive (and delicate) camera bodies or lenses a bit of prevention is worth a lot more than having to buy a new camera.

#3 Go Forth and Multiply


The cost of GorillaPods is very low compared to traditional grip gear and tripods. I find that this makes it pretty easy to have several in my bag. On a shoot, I’ll travel with at least 2 and as many as 10. Besides cameras I’ve used them to hold accessories like lights, flashes, and reflectors.

Plus having a few extra is handy if you have kids. My GorillaPods keep disappearing into my daughter’s room to have battles with her My Little Pony collection (she swears that the GorillaPod is a robot giraffe).

Here’s a few examples of the GorillaPods in action.

Be sure to also check out my new title from called “Shooting with the GoPro HERO: Action Sports” to see the gear in action.