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Achieving peace of mind with TOUGH memory cards
Think twice before deleting a photo
Quick Tips: Dedicate a memory card to one photoshoot
Quick Tip: Place the memory card backward in your memory card case to avoid formatting the wrong card
Quick Tip: Avoid memory card headaches by formatting after every shoot
CFast 2.0 Memory Cards
Studio Tip: Never Overwrite a Memory Card Again!
Transcend’s New Ultra High Speed SD Cards
Speed Up your Import Workflow with a New Card Reader
Write Speeds – Memory Cards Are Not Created Equal
X-Rated – The Solution to Understanding X-Speed Memory Card Speeds.
XQD Memory Cards and Nikon D810 | Alan Hess – What’s in Your Bag

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CFast 2.0 Memory Cards

CFast (for Compact Fast) is a new standard of memory card. It’s designed to store the huge file sizes created by DSLR high megapixel cameras and 4K video cameras. What is CFast? The CFast 2.0 specification provides for speeds of up

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Write Speeds – Memory Cards Are Not Created Equal

Most consumers don’t know that there are differences between memory cards besides the obvious capacities and different formats that are available. There are several identifiers to know to help you choose the right memory card for the type of shooting

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The Fastest Way to Copy Data from a GoPro

GoPro cameras are a great addition to my kit. They allow the capture unique and adventurous angles, but best of all are really small. Just like the camera, the memory card is small – newer GoPros record to a microSD

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Susan Liepa, passionate hobby photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Susan Liepa. Susan is from Orange County, California and enjoys many aspects of photography as you can see in her images. Haven’t joined the Photofocus Community yet? Sign up for free today!

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