With today’s announcements of Neural Filters coming to Photoshop, NVIDIA has unveiled that they played a unique role in the development of artificial intelligence for Adobe.

This collaboration includes the new Smart Portrait filter, which is powered by NVIDIA StyleGAN2 technology. It’s meant to run at its best on NVIDIA RTX GPUs.

The Smart Portrait filter lets artists make edits to facial characteristics, such as gaze direction, lighting angle and more — simply by dragging a slider. Smart Portrait is based on a deep neural network developed by NVIDIA Research and trained on numerous portrait images.

In addition to NVIDIA’s work with Photoshop, the company also worked with Adobe to offer virtually all GPU-accelerated decoding in Premiere Pro, for video editors that have NVIDIA RTX GPUs. This enables a faster responsiveness when scrubbing through footage, smoother video playback and more.

Even Premiere Elements sees a boost from NVIDIA, with GPU acceleration now available in Premiere Elements 2021. This allows instant playback of effects such as adding a lens flare or animated overlay, cropping of videos and real-time playback without prerendering.

Finally, NVIDIA has announced the October Studio Driver, now available for download. For more information, visit nvidia.com.