On Tuesday, Adobe gave a sneak peek to attendees of the Adobe MAX Conference, of upcoming technologies that may or may not make it into future versions of Creative Cloud applications.

Co-hosted by Adobe’s Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist Paul Trani and comedian, actress and writer Tiffany Haddish, the “Sneaks” showed 10 short demos led by Adobe engineers.

There were three Sneaks geared towards photographers and videographers, outlined below.


If you’ve ever felt constrained by Instagram’s vertical video format, you’re not alone. Smooth Operator takes the task of fitting your video for the Instagram format and makes it super easy to keep your subject in the frame. Utilizing Adobe Sensei technology, Smooth operator analyzes your video to crop it so your subject is within the frame at all times. It works with multiple subjects too, following the action in a scene.

It works with different aspect ratios too, like a 1:1 square, all while keeping what is interesting or important inside the frame.


Quick mask a subject in a video edit in real time. Fast Mask has you make a few points along your subject, and the subject will be automatically masked for the entire clip. The tool uses Adobe Sensei to make this current laborious manual process nearly automatic and allows you to easily put type or other objects in the frame that doesn’t affect the main subject. Imagine being able to put text behind your main subject, or confetti surrounding a cat.


Have you ever feel constrained by the Ken Burns effect, and wish you could present something that looks a little more dynamic and interesting? Moving Stills enables any photograph to be turned into a live photo, animating the image in 3D and simulating a realistic effect of flying throught the photo. Imagine having your photograph look like you’re walking towards a person on a patio, or getting a short clip that looks like you’re driving towards a mountain. Moving Stills generates videos from a single still image, and has several options for different angles, zoom levels, etc.

To see a round-up of the other technologies highlighted during the Sneaks event, check out this blog post by Adobe.

There’s no guarantee these technologies will make it into future versions of Adobe products. Adobe bases part of its decision to develop these technologies based on audience reaction, social media reaction and more. So if you like any of these Sneaks, be sure to comment below or share your thoughts on social media with the hashtags above.