Mylio Photos helps your photo collection stay in sync everywhere, and that includes mobile. The mobile app (called Mylio – memory management app on Android and Mylio Photos in the App Store) has a bunch of powerful features to help you share and use your photos on the go.

Just like the desktop app, the mobile version watches folders for photos, and adds new photos to your Mylio library. You can add folders manually or enable it for all images on your phone. Because Mylio Photos is designed to keep your entire library with you, on any device, it’s perfect for finding and sharing photos on social media. No mucking around with finding photos on your storage media and transferring them to your phone.

boy walking in paddock
Go where you want and take your entire photo library with you – you’ve got access to everything with Mylio Photos mobile app.

Finding the photo you need in your Mylio Photos Library on the go

The mobile app functions just like the desktop one. You can edit photos (crops, exposure, whites, blacks, and the rest of the gang), update metadata, browse photos by folder, calendar or map, tag people and more.

This means even your back catalog of images is accessible from your phone at any time. That includes Lightroom Classic edited images if you sync your edits back to your library.

Sharing photos to social media with Mylio Photos mobile app

Once you’ve found the image you want, you can share it easily with the native sharing built into the app. Hit the button shown below, in the bottom bar, and select which app to share to.

screenshot sharing social media
The share button in Mylio Photos mobile app allows you to use the native sharing menu of your device to publish the photo wherever you like.

This makes it super easy to share to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, or via email. You can even print to a WiFi printer connected to your phone.

toddler boy close up
All the native sharing options are available in the Mylio Photos mobile app.

When you share with the mobile app, a file is exported from your library then shared. You can control the export size, quality, file type, and color space in Settings. It’s even possible to apply a watermark to the photo. Hit the three-dot menu in the top bar:

Menu > Settings > Export & Sharing

The watermark options are straightforward: Text-based, with foreground and background color options, as well as positioning and size.

mylio photos mobile app
You can even set up a watermark in Mylio Photos mobile app before sharing on social media.

Bonus: Use the app to backup photos with Mylio vault settings

Do you have a Vault set up in your Mylio Photos Library? Your mobile photos can be backed up to the Vault automatically. When you first install the mobile app, you’ll be prompted to add phone photos to your Library.

screenshot of mylio photos mobile app
The share button in Mylio Photos mobile app allows you to use the native sharing menu of your device to publish the photo wherever you like.

You can also turn on the setting later, by clicking the + Add Media button. No more worry about losing your phone!