Using the Photos app on your iPhone, you may now apply additional music and moods to your Memory videos, courtesy of iOS 15. This is called Memory Mixes. With Memory Mixes, you can easily change the music and filters with just a swipe. Even more, you can refine the music further and filters if you wish as well.

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Checking out Memory Mixes

Launching the Photos app

1. Launch the Photos app and tap For You to access your Memories. 

2. Select the Memory video that you want.

Accessing Memory Mixes in the Photos app.

3. Access Memory Mixes. While the Memory video is playing, tap on it and press the Music Icon on the lower left corner as shown above.

4. Swipe right to check out the various Memory Mixes. Many of us know how to swipe right from other apps, so this should be easy!

Refining the Memory Mix music and filters more

If the mood and music of the Memory Mix isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can refine this further. Here’s how to do it.

Accessing Memory Mix again to refine the music and Memory Looks.

1. While playing the Memory video, tap on it, then tap on the circular icon with the musical notes and stars in the lower left corner. You should then be able to see the current artist and song that is being played.

Accessing the Music section.

2. Tap on the circular icon with the musical notes and the + sign in the lower right. This should produce the Music section. 

Music section in Memories in the Photos app.

3. You’ll be presented with several options from Apple Music. Simply select the music that you wish to have. You can sift through the various moods of music. Press Categories to see more sorts of music moods. Press Done when finished.

Don’t have Apple Music? You can still select from several free tracks, or preview Apple Music tracks with your Memory Mixes.

Accessing Memory Looks from the Memory Mixes video.

4. Change the Memory Looks, which are filters for the video. In Memory Mixes, access this by tapping the video and pressing the icon with the three interlocked circles. 

Memory Looks

5. Select the Memory Looks you wish to have. Press Done when finished.