Why have HDR on an iPhone? Because you can! Sometimes an iPhone is the only camera I have on me, and I want the ability to go a little deeper. I see HDR as a great tool that can help get the shot in tough conditions. Sure, the iPhone has a built-in HDR ability that works well, but its just not tweakable. Whats really nice is the ability to actual take control and develop an image so you can handle tough situations like backlight or lowlight.

Enter Pro HDR from EyeApps LLC. At $1.99 in the App Store, its a steal. The app is very full-featured and gives the discerning photographer more control when on the go.

Heres how it works.

1. Launch the Application. Tap the Auto HDR button. You can go into manual mode if you want to pick your shadows and highlights.

2. Compose the shot then tap the screen. The app then analyzes the scene and find the lightest and darkest point.

3. Tap the Screen Again and hold still.

4. The app aligns the images and presents you with an option to tone the images.

5. Adjust the sliders to taste. You can also tap the thumbnail to view the image full-screen.

6. Click Save to store a full resolution image.

Be sure to visit the Settings button on the launch screen where you can choose to save high-quality or optimized images, as well as the original shots.

Here’s another example of shooting in real low-light (yes, its an ugly shot… but it shows the capacity nicely).

Here’s one more taken just after sunrise and a long redeye from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.

You can find out more about the application here or pick it up at the App Store.