Have you tried to delete images or video on your iPhone to free up space, only to find out that you never seem to gain any free space? Apples Photos app has a built-in trash folder to save you from immediately deleting your photos or videos. Its set to auto-delete after 30 days, but its really easy to manually delete. Heres my quick tip:

Step 1

Inside Settings > General > About, we can see how much space we have remaining on our phones.

Step 2

Inside the Photos app, click on Albums in the lower-right corner.

Step 3

Find the album called Recently Deleted

Step 4

Open the album and choose Select from the top-left corner.

Step 5

Now we can choose Delete All in the lower-left corner.

Thats it! Just a few quick steps and were emptied the trash folder for your photos and videos. Go into Settings > General > About and see how much space youve regained.

The last time I manually deleted the trash, I saved over 5gb of precious space.