Seasoned landscape photographers are no strangers to how unpredictable the sky and weather conditions can be, and how they must adjust to the smallest changes as they come. But some actually seek to capture the most extreme forms that weather can whip up — such as tornadoes. Storm chasers, whether they also do landscape photography or not, truly are a fearless bunch. Plus points to those who have the creativity and presence of mind to point a camera to these forces of nature!

Among them is Guildford, UK-based Chris Davis, whose landscape photography includes some stunning storm captures. Not a lot of photographers intentionally seek these unique subjects. So, I’m sure you’ll find this set interesting if you’re looking to add some action or drama to your own landscape work.

Capturing the beauty in nature’s fury

In his 2019 “Storm Chase” series, Davis was able to create some powerful images showing the two sides of nature. In place of the sprawling scenes and breathtaking views typical in landscape photography, we see nature’s handiwork dominating the landscape. But, I think it’s beautiful all the same.

I have no doubts that witnessing the sky whip up a storm is a remarkable experience. Being able to translate it into images that show beauty in nature’s fury is just as remarkable. I love how Davis achieved it by capturing all the textures, colors and elements that make us imagine what it was like to be there as he was. 

Then, there’s also there’s also the atmosphere — pun intended — in all the scenes he captured. I’m sure many viewers will agree that it appeals to the senses. I can almost hear the thunder clap, smell the incoming rain in the air and feel the chill in the wind as it rips through the landscape. 

A thrilling take on landscape photography

Most landscape photographers would plan their shoots on fine weather days. However, these storm photos show that even bad weather can lead to impressive photography. I can even see how it’s a thrilling take on landscape photography, especially with the tornado photos.

Chasing after these ferocious forces of nature is not something everyone can or will be willing to do. But, those who are brave enough to seek these scenes will find this series a testament to how rewarding it can be. That said, I’m not surprised if Davis found himself actively storm chasing just to put together this captivating collection!

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All photos by Chris Davis. Used with Creative Commons permission.