Planning to start early with this year’s landscape photography practice? Consider putting a little twist to your first shoot for the year. A photography challenge may be a good idea to jumpstart your creativity. Let’s start with a quick and easy one suggested by UK-based Nigel Danson: the tripod challenge.

Danson recently decided to see how many photos he can get from just one position. He set a few rules for himself, which you can also try for yourself:

  1. No moving of the tripod
  2. You can only change lenses
  3. You can only rotate the camera

Limitations like these will force you to examine your immediate surroundings. In a way, they may even encourage you to look at the scenes before you differently. As Danson demonstrated in the video above, he had to consider every detail and angle before deciding on the final spot for his tripod challenge. It may look like an easy task at first. But when you’re pressed for time (he was shooting during sunset) and need to get as many compositions as possible, it can be a tough exercise.

Still, Danson was able to get a variety of shots from his tripod challenge. The beautiful light that bathed the already stunning landscape definitely helped! He also shared his key learnings from this exercise, which should inspire you more to give it a try.

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