Dubbed as the most famous photo ever taken — or at least the most recognizable — “Bliss” is better known as the wallpaper of Microsoft’s Windows XP in the early 2000s. Since estimates say that billions of people have seen it, “Bliss” is also widely touted as the photo that garnered the most eyeballs in history.

“I have a theory that anybody now from age 15 on for the rest of their life will remember this photograph,” said former National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear in 2014 on his iconic shot.

Surely, some photographers out there could be curious if it’s possible to recreate the famous Windows XP wallpaper today. Here’s where Andrew Levitt and his crew come in with their attempt just a few weeks ago. In the short video above, they shared what went down in their adventure. Or, at least part of it. Sure, they’re not the first to do so, but it’s still interesting to see them recreate a landscape photo older than them. However, as we’d realize after hearing their story, looks like O’Rear was gifted with a rare opportunity 25 years back.

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