Today is International Women’s Day, a perfect occasion to bring attention to some of the most inspiring female photographers I’ve written about as of late. I consider myself lucky to be discovering such amazing creative minds on a regular basis. I hope they have also inspired you to be more innovative and imaginative with your own photography.

In case you missed any of these female photographers, let this short list be an introduction to their amazing work. If you’ve read about them in the recent past, I hope you can take the time to revisit these Photofocus features and be inspired all over again!

Karen Jerzyk

Since I find conceptual photography to be one of the most powerful genres out there, Boston-based Karen Jerzyk will never go missing on my list. Each photo she creates is a story on its own, and a perfect example of what looks and feels like peering into a photographer’s psyche.

Her “Last Days of Earth” project, which I wrote about last year, is one of her most impressive works. I highly suggest checking out the rest of her projects if you’re a fan of photography built on elaborate scenes, complex emotions and beautifully bizarre visual stories.

Ziqian Liu

Self-portraits — or selfies, as they are often called — are a dime a dozen on social media. As a result, they have become some of the most throwaway images today. But then, you have female photographers like Shanghai-based Ziqian Liu, who bring a more meaningful and purposeful approach to self-portraiture.

In her “Reflection” series, she uses the craft not to draw attention to herself, but to the emotions and stories that her audience can easily see themselves tangled into as well. This is why her face is hidden, despite being self-portraits. Instead, she encourages viewers to take notice of the other elements in the frame.

Maria Svarbova

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a big fan of genre-bending photography. The work of Slovakia-based Maria Svarbova is a perfect example of that. Her “Lost in the Valley” series is part fashion photography and part conceptual portraits with splashes of colors here and there.

The highlight of this series is her clever use of color in her setting and wardrobe choice. If you’re into creative and vibrant approaches to portraiture, this series is just one of the many that will get you hooked on her work.

Elizaveta Porodina

Another of my favorite fashion photographers, Munich-based Elizaveta Porodina gives a surreal, conceptual touch to her fashion snaps.

In her “Born Free” series, she works with her models like a blank canvas, using colors and patterns to transform them into works of art. Literally and figuratively. It’s just one of the ways she elevates portraiture and fashion photography.

So, if you have a keen interest in these genres, make sure to see the rest of her work as well for some potent inspiration.

Yum Tang

Last but definitely not the least of my favorite female photographers is Beijing-based Yum Tang, whose impressive food photography make us rethink food and our relationship with it. A perfect example is her “Food Dreaming” project. There, she used different food items to craft clever visual comparisons of the dreams of some kids in rural China.

Her skills, imagination and creativity as a photographer and visual designer shines in this project. I love how she was able to use them to make a social impact through her clever food photography.

Got some favorite photography projects by awesome female photographers we should know about? Tell us more about them in the comments below, or better yet, join the Photofocus Community!