Some photographers out there still find it hard to go out and shoot. Others don’t even feel inspired to do any photography. Whether it’s a lack of motivation or ideas, finding inspiration sometimes means just taking the first step to making it happen. For some photographers, it’s amazing what a day of outdoor photography can do to get them feeling motivated again!

Just this spring, Minnesota-based landscape photographer Todd Higgins was having a case of motivational rut. The solution he found was to spending some time in the local woodlands to do some outdoor photography. In the video above, he first tells us about what got him feeling uninspired. One day, he decided he had enough and must do something to get that motivation back.

Instead of sweeping vistas and grand scenes, however, the wet spring weather forced him to rethink his strategy. So, he ended up paying closer attention to the details of interesting plants, tree barks and fungi. Whether you do landscape or macro, you’ll surely feel inspired to do something similar if you have access to a local woodland!

Have you done any outdoor photography that inspired you as well? Tell us about it in the comments below, or in our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!