As photography technology improves, digital cameras and other photography gear become increasingly capable of making the job easier for everyone. They also allow us to shoot to our hearts’ content — a boon and bane for today’s photographers. It’s now easy to end up with hundreds of shots. A big bunch of these would be of the same thing. The solution? Of course, you can take fewer shots and make each one count. You can even make this a photography challenge!

In the video above, landscape photographer Nigel Danson did exactly that to help spark some creativity and find out what it would do to his process. He takes us to a nice outdoor shoot, his goal being to taking only five photos. In this photography challenge, he was forced to really think about his compositions and examine the elements in his immediate environment. He also mentions that this restriction is something that many film photographers find helpful. So, while he’s not going to jump back into shooting film anytime soon, he does feel it’s worth cutting back on the quantity of shots and focus more on the compositions instead.

Have you tried this photography challenge? What realizations or observations did you have from the experience? Tell us about in the comments below, or in our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!